It’s funny how things unravel into a beautiful masterpiece from a mess of disjointed ideas. The Ex Oh was born out of what may seem like random coincidences but what were actually perfectly calculated moments in time. An Instagram name filled with too many x’s and o’s, an iPhone in need of a charging port, daily January 2016 gym routines, my desire to explore the world...the list goes on. The magic of one idea, sparked something deep within me that has now become The Ex Oh; a creative hub of entrepreneurs whose ideas are hoped to inspire action in others.


Each of us walk a journey through time and space, a noteworthy point in my journey was a trip to Bermuda in 2013. From that point I fell in love with the universe and all it had to offer, I knew that things would unravel exactly as they were meant to in the years to follow.


Shortly after this trip I left my job of 3 years and bought a one-way ticket to South East Asia. Travelling ignited a fire within me that burned brightly, one that taught me the importance of happiness is in everyday life.


My next big step was Humber PR, here I was given all the tools needed to build out real-world ideas, I began exploring a world completely unknown to me. I emerged into the communications world as an Account & Social Media Coordinator managing multiple accounts daily, diving into the Toronto scene of influencers and brands.


Embracing the creative world of faces and places each day sparked a new idea. One December afternoon, on the 4th floor of Holt Renfrew my creative switch had been flipped by Monica Smiley a Fashion Illustrator. With only 3% battery on my iPhone and an hour worth of photos to be taken, Monica was my savior and the inspiration behind the name; The Ex Oh.


This idea crept around, it festered in my brain, it would pop in and out adding little bits each time it resurfaced. This idea and the magic of it was incessant...but it was just that... an idea, something I hadn’t voiced, something that never left it’s home resting just above my shoulders.


Then one person came along who believed in my dream, they were curious about the inner workings of my mind. As they listened and I spoke, the idea became a living breathing thing. People say there’s a light that shines, it lights up a person when they speak about their passion. Carlo saw this light and together we made my idea into something tangible.


Moments inspired by travel, art and a genuine lust for life The Ex Oh is a journey, my journey and I can’t wait to share the journey of so many others with you. To me life isn’t about being it’s about living, it’s about moving forward, believing in something bigger, taking chances and trusting in the magic that comes to you when you least expect it.


The fear doesn’t mean you’re going to fail, it means you’re going to succeed at something you can’t even imagine.
— The Ex Oh