Dear 2016 <3 ||

|| HAPPY RAYS ||- Illustration by Tim Petersen

|| HAPPY RAYS ||- Illustration by Tim Petersen

What a year it's been! A year of many things; people, feelings, moments, accomplishments. Thank you for welcoming The Ex Oh with open arms, your feedback and comments have been sensational and I cannot wait to share the creatives line up for 2017!

This year The Ex Oh came to fruition, that in itself is one of my biggest, personal accomplishments. Through this site I have learned a vast amount about entrepreneurship. The creative profiles have uncovered various journeys under multiple lenses and disciplines. I'm not sure what this creative project will grow into but I'm very excited to reach out to and *fingers crossed* secure seasoned entrepreneurs I've been following for years i.e Laina Rauma (Fashion Designer), Anna Dawson (The Balloon Diary) and Jesse Burnett (TKEES).

As 2016 comes to a close I want to share with you a tool that I've found extremely rewarding over the years - letter writing. Essentially the way it works is you write personal letter to yourself on New Years Eve and wait until next year (365 days) to open it up. Now stick with me, I know this may sound a bit wonky, but it's truly an eye opening experience, one that's provided me with extensive growth and learning. So how does one write this letter, let me break it down for you...

My 2016 letter to my 2017 year old self ||

My 2016 letter to my 2017 year old self ||

Step 1: Obtain a writing utensil and paper (in my experience opening a physical letter opposed to an electronic version makes a big difference)

Step 2: Set aside 15 -20 minutes for just YOU. No distractions (cellphones), no people, no noise (maybe some good music)

Step 3: START! Dear (Insert Name), So it's still 2016 and it'll be 2017 in a couple days, it's crazy to think I.... (continue on, remember you are writing this letter to you from you) Love, (Insert Name)

Step 4: Seal your letter in an envelope, write your name on the front and put it some place where you'll find it next year (mine is in the last page of my journal, beside me bed)

Step 5: Jump into the New Year with everything you accomplished previously along with the new goals you've set for the year ahead

Step 6: Wait 365 days to witness beautiful life lessons and growth from you to you!

Step 7: (repeat steps 1-6)

* I've shared this technique with family and close friends and each year I love receiving messages about the impact this exercise has had. Give it a try, I promise you'll be amazed!

In my opinion self-reflection is immensely important, to learn and grow from your own mistakes, accomplishment and short comings. We often seek advice from others, although deep down we ALWAYS hold the answers. Thank you for being part of this Journey with The Ex Oh, I'm certain that everyone's 2017 will be limtiless!

"Reflection is the Mother of Wisdom" - Robin Sharma in The Saint The Surfer & The CEO