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I've attempted to write this a few times, it's absolutely surreal - this idea I've had festering in my mind has finally become something real. When I mean real, I mean something that I can touch and see, something I can share with others. A lover of X's and O's, I have always wanted to dance around in the sunlight and travel the world, to draw, create and take stunningly beautiful images. Through many moments and people The Ex Oh is now a living, breathing thing.

Inspired by a generation with endless bits of technology at their fingertips, it's not hard to see that creativity is everywhere. Snap, swipe, double tap - sharing has never been easier. Knowing this I wanted to cast a spotlight on something that amazes me... people.

Let me explain - working in the communications field I have been wildly impressed by the magic in others. People have the ability to create absolute brilliance when they open the door to let an idea slip in and their passion shine though. Strip away societies standards, tuck unrealistic into their pockets, just follow that gut instinct - the one that buries us deep into a state of constant "flow." I notice I may be rambling that's where my excitement gets the best of me!

So here we are, The Ex Oh; a platform highlighting entrepreneurs from various backgrounds each with a different journey to success. Labeled as creatives you'll be able to explore how each idea became a reality, visions behind success and advice on how to fuel your own EXceptional Originality.

Getting this vision off the ground right here in Toronto, Canada I am excited to launch with three exceptional creatives; Entertainer - Selena Jasmine, Illustrator - Monica Smiley and Barber - Kam Mitri. Each week I will feature new creative spotlights from various backgrounds across Toronto, hopefully extending to continents across the globe.

I can't wait to hear your feedback, thoughts and suggestions. If you know someone with big ideas, doing amazing things please reach out to me as I'd love to feature them. Collaborations are also welcome, I cannot wait to see what the tail-end of 2016 and 365 days of 2017 have in store.

A quick thank you to EVERYONE who has shown me love and support through this transitional period. To my friends; Nadia & Tush - choosing between food & work is always tough, Lisa - thank you for inspiring my first quote, Diviya - sharing your attitude of gratitude, YWiB ladies - you girls are all FIRE, Miya - thousands of miles never mattered, Felisia - the best hype girl alive and (last but surely not least) Carlo - you already know.

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And sometimes you won't fit the mould, because you weren't meant to fit you were meant to CREATE. - The Ex Oh