Creative Spotlight: Tim Petersen - Illustrator ||

Hello 2017 - It's crazy how time flies, The Ex Oh was launched exactly one month ago!  This year we're looking forward to featuring various creatives extending beyond Toronto. Our goal is to interview at least one creative on every continent by Jan 2018, and we're sure it's more than possible.

Just South of the border our first non-Canadian feature is Illustration Artist, Tim Petersen. With thousands of creative profiles on Instagram coming across @timjpete was a wonderful, serendipitous event. Within seconds of glancing over multiple tiny squares, it was clear, there was something special about his illustrations.

At that point in time The Ex Oh was about a week old, having only featured family and friends. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a new connection and get our creative wheels turning. Tim loved The Ex Oh's mission and was happy to have his creativity recognized. Over a one month period we created an e-friendship, Tim even re-created a very personal moment that took place over the holiday season.

It's our pleasure to have written Tim's first ever Bio and to feature him today exactly one month after our inception. Follow the link below to find out a bit more about his amazing artistry, check out his current projects and maybe even get an illustration of your own!

Check out Tim's full profile | Tim Petersen | ------>


Thanks for being a part of our journey Tim...

Welcome to The Ex Oh Tribe!