Inhale Exhale: Beginner yoga with Traveling Mat

Breathe in...breathe out...arms to chest...step your right foot forward...sounds all too familiar. Let's rewind for a more accurate depiction. Breathe in (eyes closed?)...breathe out (through my mouth or nose?)...arms to chest (like this?)....step your right foot forward (looks around the room). Walking out of your first in-studio yoga session feeling refreshed and relaxed can be more of a confused, sore daze...did I do it right?

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Yoga is a mental, spiritual and physical practice of ancient Indian origin, dating back to sixth and fifth centuries BCE. This practice has many variations and in recent years has made it's way into popular culture, propelled by the "eat, pray, love" movement.

This past week we experienced a Yoga class that caters to your specific sore spots and works with you to achieve personal yoga #goals at an affordable price. We'd like to introduce you to Traveling Mat Yoga and walk you through some of the leanings from our private session.

Our beginner session was a short 45-minute Hatha yoga class. This slow, stretchy style was catered to focus on the neck, shoulders and back. With breathing top of mind, we made our way through the session focusing on our breath each time we re-connected with the mat. The slow pace was helpful and Bonita provided modifications and alternatives to assure we were always listening to our bodies. Our session finished on a great note, feeling relaxed, refreshed, balanced and motivated to try the practice alone at home. Bonita also shared some valuable information we'd like to share with you!


1. In one simple line what is yoga?

Focusing on the the harmony of the connection between mind, body & spirit.

2. When doing yoga what is most important to remember?


3. How do you keep breathing top of mind?

I incorporate it into my classes by making a conscious effort to bring my students back to the mat. Each time they interact with the mat in a new way I encourage them to think about their breathing, feel their heartbeat and retreat from distracting thoughts.

4. What is the shortest session you can do to improve your day?

10-15 minutes if you are doing a pose correctly. You can hold a position for this amount of time focusing on your breathing, alignment, moving deeper into the stretch and focusing on strengthening your core. Some of the easiest positions, if done correctly, can be a workout on their own.

5. Advice for beginners?

Take your time, don't be discouraged. Find your own modifications and always listen to your body.

To learn more about Traveling Mat Yoga or book a private session of your own follow the link...

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Thanks for spending your time teaching us this beautiful art form.

 We are lucky to have you as part of The Ex Oh Tribe!