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Summer 2015: welcome to the wonderful world of PR...and the wonderful world of Toronto "Influencers." We [those in the PR world, media & Toronto creatives/bloggers], or at least a large segment of us aren't huge fans of the word "influencer." For those of you unfamiliar with the lingo a quick visit to presents us with the following...

INFLUENCER/in-floo-uh n-ser/noun: a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media.

Back to the original topic at hand I dove into the PR world and very quickly learned the who's who of each publication and key Toronto "influencers" - That's where Justine entered the picture. Interning at a small, boutique agency my first client was Australian fashion brand, Ever New. I was given the name of three bloggers (Justine was one of them) - I was to ship their outfits to them as soon as each piece arrived from Australia... easy enough. I needed to do a bit of research, who were these bloggers? what were they all about?


I really took a liking to Justine's social, there was something about her style, how did she get her Instagram page to look like that? How did I never notice all these people before? but seriously WAS I NEW?! Well...yes...I was new to PR, I guess my brain hadn't fully tapped into anything beyond traditional marketing.

I could scroll for an eternity on her page, it was the aesthetic, the clothes, the way she put things together, there was something relatable about her and her blog. As time went on I met Justine in person, she was funny, honest and really really REAL - I loved that about her! In the PR world we would touch base from time to time, I'd follow her every move on social media and she'd congratulate me on each tiny milestones I'd reach in my personal and professional life.

Once I grew the courage to start up The Ex Oh I knew Justine was someone I wanted to feature! She was my introduction to fashion and travel in a glistening light I hadn't quite seen before. I reached out to her * fingers crossed* she wasn't too busy, or hopping on a flight to some beautiful paradise. In true Justine fashion she was more than happy to be part of The Ex Oh - and I'm thrilled to feature her!

I emailed Justine a Q&A for her creative profile - check it out in the link below, her answers really put a smile on my face. Funny story; there were a couple fill in the blanks I didn't specify, to which I received the following answers...

  • What is __life__ all about? Life is all about learning to live in wonder of it all. 
  • How did you turn __pizza dream__ into a reality? I called Uber eats. Seriously though, isn’t Uber eats just making dreams come true?

Both fill ins were meant to be Jetset Justine :P but I really loved her creativity! Read the full Q&A at the link below as well as the "correctly edited" answers.

Check out Justine's full profile | Jetset Justine | ------>

Thanks for being a beautiful part of my journey Justine!

Welcome to The Ex Oh Tribe!